Reverse Engineering

Ocassionally, part dimensions are needed when there are no drawings or prints available.  To solve this problem, Pinto Products Inc. can "Reverse Engineer" an existing part. 




Dimensions are manually taken off of each component and entered on a drawing drafted by our engineers.  Although not as accurate as a part print, reverse engineered parts are can duplicated usually within +/- .005 of the original part.  Reverse Engineering can also be used to produce assembly drawing and proceedures.


Need assistrance with reverse engineering of a part?  Pinto Products Inc. is here to help!


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ISO 9002 Compliant

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Case History -Stryker Corporation


Stryker Medical was looking to reduce warehouse and shipping cost on  a particular style of hospital bed. The beds were stored horizontally in the warehouse prior to shipping.  A wooden footer and header was attached to the bed and it was raised vertically by crane and rested on the attached footer. The beds were then moved by crane into the trailer and secured for shipment.  This shipping method caused a number of problems including damage to the beds, wasted warehouse space and partial truckload shipments.  There had to be a better, more economical way to store and ship these beds, and Pinto Products Inc. created it!


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