The world market requirements of better products, at lower costs and faster deliveries, complicated by demands for shorter runs, have triggered an
unprecedented demand for high speed and precision technologies. Pinto Products Inc. utilizes Haas milling machines designed to provide the latest in precision and speed. We offer complete 4th axis rotation capabilities for rotational milling.

Along with Computer Aided Manufacturing software, complex geometries, toolpaths and G codes are simplified allowing Pinto Products Inc. to deliver a wide range of parts and applications.


The engraving above is one  example of our milling abilities.  The 12" x 24" plaque was engraved using a Haas VF-2 mill with a 1/8 in ball nose end mill.  The tool path and 4000+ line G-Code was developed using BobCad Cam software.  Together, the software and mill provide ultimate precision and detail in milling operations.

Every customer, every job gets the same focus on precision, quality and cost effective delivery. Call Pinto Products Inc. today and let us assit you with your milling needs!

ISO 9002 Certified
ISO 9002 Compliant

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2525 Miller Road
Kalamazoo, MI 49001
269-383-1603 fax

Case History -Stryker Corporation


Stryker Medical was looking to reduce warehouse and shipping cost on  a particular style of hospital bed. The beds were stored horizontally in the warehouse prior to shipping.  A wooden footer and header was attached to the bed and it was raised vertically by crane and rested on the attached footer. The beds were then moved by crane into the trailer and secured for shipment.  This shipping method caused a number of problems including damage to the beds, wasted warehouse space and partial truckload shipments.  There had to be a better, more economical way to store and ship these beds, and Pinto Products Inc. created it!


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