For a part to be machined and to ensure repeatability, tooling designed to hold and locate must be used.  Tooling is any piece of equipment used to hold and manufacture a given component.



Tooling can include drill jigs for locating holes on a part, weld fixtures to secure pieces prior to welding, or dies and punches to create shapes.  Tooling pieces are usally assembled into fixtures dedicateds to a specific part.  Sometime universal tooling can be designed for more than one use.  Tooling can also include form tools, step and staking fixtures, milling vises and stops and drill guides.  Pinto ProductsInc. can build the tooling and fixtures needed for your job.  When possible we eliminate dedicated fixturing and the related costs and create standardized tooling & work practices that become significantly more efficient & productive. 

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Case History -Stryker Corporation


Stryker Medical was looking to reduce warehouse and shipping cost on  a particular style of hospital bed. The beds were stored horizontally in the warehouse prior to shipping.  A wooden footer and header was attached to the bed and it was raised vertically by crane and rested on the attached footer. The beds were then moved by crane into the trailer and secured for shipment.  This shipping method caused a number of problems including damage to the beds, wasted warehouse space and partial truckload shipments.  There had to be a better, more economical way to store and ship these beds, and Pinto Products Inc. created it!


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